‘Fantastically inventive and deeply charming’   ANTI Festival of Contemporary Art

‘A massive hit with the public…’ Art Monthly Nov 2009

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a walk navigated by flick books

a film you walk through

a physical journey through a psychic landscape

Conceived from those moments of heightened alertness that come about when walking alone, Flickers is a hyper-real exploration of the site it is made for. You set off with an expedition kit, a series of flick books, which act as navigation tools to guide your way. As you flick the pages, animated images of the real environment reveal path ahead. Channelling the adrenalin of fight or flight, Flickers brings our focus to the very edge of our senses, amplifying the landscape to trigger dream-like powers of locomotion, of vision.

Flickers may be made for almost any site, indoor/outdoor, rural/urban and has the potential to remain in place, becoming a semi-permanent piece of public art.

Developed with funding from Arts Council England.